10th AGM

Membership renewal form 2017-18

Membership Application Form
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The Hong Kong Association of Renal Nurses (HKARN) has been established as a non-profit making professional organization on the 21st April 2007. It serves members in the arenas of renal nursing practice, including primary and tertiary healthcare settings. We have members working in the preventive renal care, peritoneal dialysis care, haemodialysis care, continuous renal replacement therapies, kidney transplantation and renal palliative care.

The HKARN is committed to advancing the renal nursing specialty and nurturing every member. The HKARN is an accredited CNE provider. We organise high quality educational programs to our members, strive for excellence and promote evidence-based nursing practice. Furthermore, the HKARN serves as patients' advocate; we promote organ donation and renal patient rehabilitation as well.

With the continuous support from our renal nursing colleagues, we have 587 members as at the 9th AGM. Moreover, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our honorary advisors for their tremendous support to HKARN throughout the years.

2017 is a special year for HKARN. This is the 10th year of HKARN. Additionally, it is HKARN’s honour to host the Asian Nephrology Nursing Symposium (ANNS) in 2017. This is the first international renal nursing symposium to be held in Hong Kong. With the unfailing support from the co-organizers, supporting organizations and industrial partners, we have great confidence to make ANNS 2017 a success.

HKARN home page has been set up for all members, providing updates on past and forthcoming events of the Association. This is to foster our mission towards advancing renal nursing practice and enhancing better patient outcomes. We value the suggestions from our members. You are most welcome to contact us at the following email address: hkarn01@hkarn.com.

LAW Man Ching
President of HKARN, 2015-2017