ANNS 2017

Renal Seminar poster

PD Seminar 6DEC201

Renal Seminar on 3 Nov 2016

Renal Seminar on 15 April 2016

Renal Saminar on 15 March 2016

AREP 17 on 6 October 2015

8th AGM on 6 September 2015

Symposium on 13 July 2015

Renal Seminar on 19 Mar 2015

7th AGM poster

HKARN Symposium on 1 June 2014

Health Carnival 2014

Hyperphosphataemia in Dialysis Patients & Common Flaws in Phosphate Management on 23 Feb 2014

Scientific Seminar & 6th AGM of HKARN 15 September 2013

Scientific Seminar & 5th AGM of Hong Kong Association of Renal Nurses 16 September 2012

The PD Solution Manufacturing Plant Guangzhou Visit on 22.5.2012

PD Symposium “Update on Diabetic Foot Management” on 3 July 2012

HCA PD Training 2012

Sleep Apnea in PD

3rd AGM on 30.6.2010

PRCC Renal Nursing Course 2010

Participation of International Nurses Day Celebration Dinner 2010

Scientific Seminar on Dialysis Fluid Quality & Haemodiafiltration – Practical Aspects and Evidence for Improved Patient Outcome

28.6.2009 2nd AGM

Advanced Renal Education Program (AREP)
2008 - 2009

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Peritoneal Dialysis Program, Tung Wah Hospital , Hong Kong

21.4.2007 Opening Ceremony
2008 - 2009

The Hong Kong Association of Renal Nurses was formally established after this opening ceremony. We are very pleased to invite our honorable advisors and guests to share our joyful event.

5.9.2007 "東莞市東華醫院護理代表到瑪嘉烈醫院及屯門醫院腎科交流"

Our association invited nursing staff from 東莞市東華醫院 to have a visit to Prince Margaret Hospital and Tuen Mun Hospital.

18.4.2008 廣東醫護交流一天團

There were over 40 of us participated in the tour. We visited the 2 famous hospitals in Guangzhou: 中山大學附屬第一醫院 及 南方醫院. This event helps us to further enrich our vision.