Membership Subscription

  • Full Member

    Any qualified nurses who are currently practising in renal care, or in the management, teaching or research of renal field, or holding recognized renal certificate(s) in Hong Kong, are eligible to apply for Full Membership. Full Members have the right to vote. Only those who are currently practising in the field can be elected to hold office and serve on committees.

  • Associate Member

    Any health care professionals who show an interest in renal care but who do not meet the requirements for Full Membership are eligible to apply for Associate Membership. Associate Members will not be entitled to vote nor be elected to hold office nor serve on committees.

  • Retired Member

    Full Member who are now retired and not currently practising in nursing.

Other Payment Method:

Direct bank in HKARN Bank Account as follow.
Mark down your name on the pay-in-slip and email a copy to

Bank Name:             Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank
Account Number:     404-290413-001

 icon docDownload and fill in this form, mail with your cheque to our association address.

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